Krisztina Maros is a Hungarian illustrator and graphic designer who lives in a small town near to Budapest with her husband and three children.

After finishing her studies in Typography at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest (MOME) in 1998 she was spending a few years in smaller and bigger graphic studios to design book covers, packages, identities and almost all the other printable works. While she usually was working on computer this time she started to use her pencils again to create more and more pieces of illustrations and book designs and participated in several picture book competitions. Her first picture book has been selected as finalist by the international jury of the Key Colours International Picture Book Contest in 2010. Since then she has been working as an author-illustrator of picture books and creates illustrations for magazines, packaging and for toys, as well.

She likes mixing painted textures with other interesting surfaces in her digital drawings. She also likes pencils and pastels and to alternate them with other manual drawing techniques.



Varró Dániel: Akinek a lába hatos (Manó Könyvek Publishing, Hungary) 2010 | Varró Dániel: Akinek a foga kijött (Manó Könyvek Publishing, Hungary) 2011, Budapest | Gróh Ilona: Kacagtató (Kolibri Publishing, Hungary) 2012 | Maros Krisztina: Tücsök a Holdon (Manó Könyvek Publishing, Hungary) 2012 | Szabó Attila: Pocakmese (Kolibri Publishing, Hungary) 2012 | Laurie Cohen: Ma voisine est une sorcière (Éditions D'Orbestier, France) 2012 | Both Gabi: Hintarabló (Pagony Publishing, Hungary) 2012 | Gróh Ilona: Ringató I. (Kolibri Publishing, Hungary) 2012 | Maros Krisztina: Salut petit pois / Egy pöttyös nap (Édition Callicéphale, France / Csimota Publishing, Hungary) 2013 |  Nemes Nagy Ágnes: Ki ette meg a málnát? (Móra Publishing, Hungary) 2014 | Menyhért Anna: Tengerimalacom története (Móra Publishing, Hungary) 2014 | Maros Krisztina: Az Illatok és Hangok Õrzoje (Csimota Publishing, Hungary) 2014 | Szabó Imola Julianna: Kinott szív (L'Harmattan Publishing, Hungary) 2015 | Bogáti Péter: A Hóvirág másodkormányosa jelenti (Manó Könyvek Publishing, Hungary) 2015 | Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm: Törnrosa (Csimota Publishing, Hungary) 2015 | Magos Judit: Demény – Kóbor kalandjaim (Libri Publishing, Hungary) 2015 | Papírszínház – Módszertani kézikönyv (Csimota Publishing, 2016) | Tasi Katalin: Goutte d'eau / Vízcsepp (Édition Callicéphale, France / Csimota Publishing, Hungary) 2016 | Zene és egészség (Kossuth Publishing, Hungary) 2016 | Bajzáth Mária: Mi a legerosebb a világon? (Kolibri Publishing, Hungary) 2017 | Tasi Katalin: Nom d'un chat ! / A soknevu macska (Édition Callicéphale, France / Csimota Publishing, Hungary) 2017 | Maros Krisztina – Szabó T. Anna: Milyen szinu a boldogság? (Pagony Publishing, Hungary) 2017


Certificate of merit by the jury – ’Aranyvackor 2009’ Illustrated book contest, Hungary | Nominated for Key Colours Illustrator’s Award 2010, Belgium | ’Beautiful Hungarian Book Prize 2010' – winner in children's book category | Special award of Publishing – ’Aranyvackor 2011’ Illustrated book contest, Hungary | ’Beautiful Hungarian Book Prize 2014' – Certificate of merit by the jury | ’Beautiful Hungarian Book Prize 2015' – Certificate of merit by the jury | Finalist on ’Silent Book Contest 2017' international picture book competition, Italy

selected exhibitions

'The most beautiful illustrations of Key Colours' – Museum Het Stadsmus, Hasselt (Belgium), 2010 | 'Street of tales' – Anno TaleShop, Budapest (Hungary) 2011 | Book premier and exhibition – Tranzit Art Café, Budapest (Hungary) 2011 | 'Pinocchio is 130 years old' – group exhibition-series in Italy 2011 | 'Cricket on the Moon' (book premier and exhibition) – Rózsavölgyi Salon, Budapest (Hungary) 2012 | 'Sentieri Illustrati' – group exhibiton in Centro Culturale Casa, Pordenone (Italy) 2015 | 'ILLUSTRATI' group exhibition in Bologna Children's Book Fair (Italy) 2015 | 'Silent Book finalists 2017' group exhibition in Bologna Children's Book Fair (Italy) 2017