Finalist on Silent Book Contest 2017

So fantastic news! My picture book project 'What colour is happiness?' created for Silent Book Contest has been selected as a finalist by the International Jury:

Walter Fochesato (president), Patrizia Zerbi Monti (publisher Carthusia), Emanuela Bussolati (illustrator/Italy), Mariana Ruiz Johnson (illustrator/Argentina), Gabriel Pacheco (illustrator/Mexico), Antonello Silverini (illustrator/Italy), Gianni De Conno (illustrator/Italy).

Thank you so much! I'm incredibly happy!

Discover the book finalists at Bologna Children's Book Fair, April 3rd 2017 h 15,20 : Cafè Illustrators with the Authors Finalists and the International Jury and, to follow, h. 17,00 Opening Exhibition, space SBC 2017 hall 26 and cocktail.